About Us

Norfolk Computer Systems opened its doors in 1983 as a software developer and systems integrator. Our early years saw us writing software in Unix and deploying and supporting products from Microsoft and Apple as they were introduced.

In 1994, we expanded into the internet business, and KWIC Internet was born. We offered some of the first internet access available in Canada with our dedicated dial-up circuits. Hosting services for early web users followed in 1995, and in 1996 we went to the next level of internet service with dedicated DSL.

In 1999, we began an ambitious foray into wireless communications, with the goal of bringing high-speed internet to rural areas. This project has been an ongoing effort, as we have expanded and upgraded our wireless network continually to offer our customers the most secure and reliable wireless experience.

The year 2000 saw us offer ADSL for the first time. This global standard for high-speed internet opened the millennium with technological progress. In 2004, we rolled out our first fibre-based internet services, which we have continued to expand.

With this core suite of services in place, KWIC Internet has consistently offered an exceptional internet experience, quality technical support, and creative IT solutions. Our expertise at network administration and management has made us indispensable to our clients. Through more than thirty years in business, we have not forgotten our roots, as we maintain a computer retail and repair centre, and deploy and maintain enterprise-grade hardware for our business clients.

2014 was a year of expansion, as we began offering higher DSL speeds and began a wireless network upgrade that will offer higher speeds to those living in rural areas. We overhauled our suite of hosting services and implemented more flexible options for online presences. With options for hosted exchange, shared web hosting, virtualized servers, or dedicated hardware hosting, we can offer our customers a superb hosting experience that is backed up by the knowledge and experience that has been our hallmark for over 30 years.