Social Responsibility

KWIC Internet is a strong community partner with many other organizations. We regularly give generous donations to worthy causes. We are very supportive of initiatives that promote cohesion between separate groups in society. We encourage individuals and groups that make a positive difference in the world.

KWIC Internet is a green internet service provider. We ensure that all electronic waste is properly recycled, and whenever possible, allow non-profit groups to earn money from the donation of this material. Running a full service retail sales and repair business means processing large quantities of cardboard and foam. Care is taken to make sure that all recyclable materials are redirected from landfill.

KWIC Internet has a small ecological footprint. Our server rooms are independently cooled by dedicated high-efficiency air conditioners. We restrict heating and air conditioning to hours of operation and use high efficiency systems based on clean-burning natural gas. Company vehicles are maintained on a regular basis to keep exhaust emissions at a low level. Whenever possible, technical support is offered over the phone to minimize use of vehicles.